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We specialise in Truss Roofs which are a flexible, highly-engineered product, that is a cost effective method of Roofing.


Roof Trusses


  • Speed of construction allows ‘just-in-time’ delivery to site.
  • Space saving – no on-site storage area required.
  • Prefabricated components mean reduced labour costs.
  • More thermally efficient than aluminium, steel or concrete.
  • Made of timber, the only truly renewable building resource.
  • Low-tech manufacturing process reduces emissions and pollution.
  • Minimal environmental impact from installation.

Trussed rafters are individually designed components made from kiln-dried, strength-graded timber.

These are joined together with steel nail plates and provide a structural framework to support the roof fabric, ceilings and floors.

The roof trusses are suitable for timber frame, masonry and steel frame building projects, with varying levels of complexities (domestic and commercial).

Attic Truss ‘Room in the Roof’


  • Quick and easy erection offering cost savings on site.
  • Provides a weather tight shell at an earlier stage.
  • No need for complex, labour intensive site joints.
  • Supplied ready prepared for roof finishes, plasterboard and floorboarding.
  • No restrictions on ground floor layout as trusses can span onto external walls.
  • Specifically designed to accommodate all loads required for an additional room.
  • Factory assembly ensures consistent quality.

Attic Trusses are a simple and effective way of providing the structural roof and floor in the same component, offering additional living space without increasing the building footprint.

With the growing demand to optimise land, housebuilders are increasingly specifying ‘Room in the Roof’ trusses for new build programmes.



  • Offsite manufacture reduces construction time on-site, saving costs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Act as a sound and fire break between properties.
  • Provides a weather tight shell at an early stage.
  • Reduces the need to work at height and the cost of scaffolding.
  • Provides little or no site waste.

A cost-effective alternative to traditional masonry, Spandrel panels are specially designed to separate roof areas between adjoining houses.

Made from timber framed panels and clad with plasterboards these can be manufactured to the same roof profile as the trussed rafters and delivered to sites as a package.

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