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Posi-joist flooring combines timber and galvanised web, to form an open web design. This offers clear benefits over sawn timber and other engineered floor joist systems. Not only does it out perform sawn timber in span and dimensional stability, the added benefits of a greater bearing area and open web system makes it easier to install.

These light, strong open web joists are ideal for flat and mono-pitched roofs, and help cater for thicker insulation, creating extremely energy-efficient buildings with low U-values.


Open Web Design

Allows for easier more practical installation of services (waste water pipes, electrical cabling, heating pipes etc) as well as modern ventilation and heat recycling systems which can help to achieve higher CSH levels. No hole locating or drilling also limits any possibility of incorrect workmanship and reduces labour costs.

Handling and Installation

The flooring runs over longer, continuous spans and can be delivered ready cut along with a custom designed plan. The large bearing surface allows for speedy setting out of joists, improves stability when laying out and enables easier fixing of decking materials; limiting any potential for confusion or errors.

Light Weight

Smaller timber sections and the light weight metal web means the finished product is lighter than its timber equivalents.

Long-term Stability

The metal web floor system allows for the installation of a rigid support timber called a strongback. The strongback provides essential damping qualities to the floor by connecting joists together to form a load sharing system that limits deflection and stiffens the floor.

Improved Sound and Vibration

The reduced sections used in the manufacture of the Posi-joist combined with the metal web means less shrinkage is experienced resulting in a quieter and longer lasting floor system.

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